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How to Promote Your Blogs

We’ve talked quite a bit about blogging and the benefits it provides your business. So, now that you’ve taken the time to create your blogging strategy and content calendar, you might be wondering “now what?” After you’ve published these blogs, how do you get them out into the world so you can start seeing all those new leads and website traffic roll in? The answer is promotion, promotion, promotion!

Promoting your blog posts across a number of different channels is the best way to increase your blog traffic and thus, reap all the benefits blogging provides for your business. By promoting your blogs, you are getting the word out to followers and non-followers alike that you have some new content that will hopefully be extremely valuable to them!


How to Promote Blog Posts

There are many different ways you can promote your posts. We’ve come up with four different ways you can creatively promote your blog posts and generate more site traffic.


1) Social Media

Social media is a great way to promote your posts to both your current followers and other target audiences. Every social media channel isn’t suited to blog posts, but Facebook and LinkedIn are especially well-suited for sharing blog posts.

When sharing your posts on these channels you have two options:

  • Organic Posts
  • Boosted Posts or Ads

With organic posts, you share these posts with your current followers. You can target the audiences on organic posts, but the chance they will be seen by people who aren’t already connected with your page are small. On the other hand, you can sponsor your post and target it towards a larger audience to generate more traffic.

Both options have pros and cons - you just have to decide if your post is better directed towards people who already follow you (organic) or if it will do better directed towards people who are your target audience but not connected with you (paid).


2) Email Marketing

Sending out your posts via email marketing is another great way to promote your blog posts. One way you could do this would be to create a weekly or monthly round-up of your latest blog posts and send them to a list of subscribers. These people have already indicated they are interested in your content and will be appreciative of the direct information.

Another way to get your blog content out there would be to create targeted lists and send posts that are specific to each list. This creates a more personalized experience for your customers.

The final way to promote your posts through email marketing is to add a share button on all your emails. Encourage your subscribers to share the email and the link with their colleagues and friends. These people have already signed up for your content because they believe it is valuable so by providing them with an easy way to share, they can pass that value onto other similar individuals.


3) Sales Follow Up Emails

We’ve previously discussed how your blog posts can help with sales prospecting. Blogs are a great way to pass along information to potential customers and new leads without overwhelming them with the information up front.

After talking with a lead, send them a follow up email with a link to a blog that was relevant to your conversation. This will provide them with valuable and educational information instead of following up with a hard sell. Doing this will not only promote your own blog posts, but prove your worth as a valuable source of information for new leads.


4) Client Nurturing Campaigns

Nurturing campaigns are another great way to share your blog posts with clients. Similar to email marketing and sales emails, these nurturing campaigns share your posts through email. However, instead of contacting a new lead or a current subscriber, you are sharing your information with customers who have interacted with your business in some way in the past.

For example, say you had a customer who downloaded a piece of content you offered on your website. You could put that customer into a nurturing campaign to draw them further into the buyer’s journey. Send them an email a few days later with a blog article that is relevant to the content they downloaded or the product they purchased.

This will again provide them with educational information instead of trying to sell them on additional services. You will not only promote your blog content, but also stay relevant in your customers’ minds for future interactions without being too pushy.


Key Takeaway

Blogging is can be very beneficial for businesses because it helps to increase website traffic and generate new leads. However, if your posts are not being seen, you might not see the level of engagement you are hoping for.

The best way to get your content out there is to promote it on a number of different channels. This will ensure that your target audience has access to your content and are exposed to it across all platforms. The more people you promote your content to, the more beneficial you blogs will be!

Written by Amy Silberman

Client Success Manager