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Market to Millennials by Optimizing Your Internet Presence

As we mentioned before, millennials are all grown up! America’s newest largest generation has taken over the workplace and the consumer space as the new influencers and decision-makers. As such, it is important that marketers understand how to best market to this increasingly important generation. To begin, let’s investigate how to find and engage with the millennial generation.

Millennials are known as the internet generation. Most members of this group probably don’t remember a time before the Internet and 98% of this group prefers to do their searching on smartphones.

Millennials often use smartphone apps and mobile sites for personal purchases and they also expect to be able to do the same for business research and purchasing. Because of this, it is essential to have a responsive, mobile-friendly website and an appealing presence and strategy on all relevant forms of social media to engage millennials.


Website Strategies

As the “Internet Generation,” Millennials will often look up a company’s website before interacting with the company - either through hiring them to perform a service or making a purchase from them. If a website does not have the qualities that allow a person to quickly find out about the company and its services, millennials will move on.

Providing data about your product or service is important during the research phase of a purchase for Millennials. They like to know and weigh this data against competitors. However, once a Millennial is ready to make a purchase, product reviews and reviews from their peers play a huge role in the actual conversion.

Adding links to social media accounts for peer reviews, photos, and more is also important to include on your website. Being as transparent and open as possible allows Millennials the opportunity to investigate and research your company on their own terms.

Finally, Millennials like the ability to virtually connect with a company. Having options for email, contact forms, and chat on your site gives the sense that you are easy to reach and it can be done quickly. In this fast paced world, Millennials feel it is easier to send a chat or email than make a phone call and having those options creates the path of least resistance to the sale.


Key Factors to Include on Your Website to Ensure It Engages Millennials:

  • Mobile Responsiveness
  • Purchase Reviews
  • Instant Messaging Applications
  • Easy Virtual Ability to Contact a Representative


Social Media Strategies

While most companies are at least present on social media, it is the companies who are active and brand-aware who will receive the business of Millennials. Similar to websites, social media should be informative and easy to navigate.

Put your business category up front along with ways to contact and learn more about your company and product. Messaging is a built-in part of any social media platform, so use this to your advantage to create a sense of virtual accessibility.

Social media allows you to build off of what you already have on your website. It gives you the opportunity to visibly interact with potential and current customers. It also provides an unbiased place for people to give reviews on your products and services.

As a caution, remember that if you have a social media account, you should be active on it. Posting regularly is a great way to get your content out, but remember that while organic posts are great for generating engagement and brand reputation, they don’t get seen as often as paid posts. Consider creating a paid campaign to get certain content out to your target audience to allow them to further engage with you on social media.


Key Factors to Include on Your Social Media to Ensure It Engages Millennials:

  • Consistent Activity
  • Business and Contact Information
  • Quick Response Times
  • Engaging Posts - Organic and Paid



Messaging is something that is important to utilize across the board, both on websites and social media accounts. The underlying theme to engaging with Millennials is ease of doing business with a company.


(Source: IBM)

Because they want to connect virtually after performing thorough research, having options for email and contact forms is essential to include on your website and social media.

Utilizing chat and instant messaging options on both platforms brings together all the qualities a Millennial is looking for in a business: information, virtual accessibility, and ease of business.


Benefits of Using Messaging to Engage with Millennials:

  • Provide users with an quick, virtual contact method
  • Easily identify who you are speaking to
  • Identify your company as a quick responder
  • Personalize your responses to consumers



Marketing to Millennials is not something that is going to go away anytime soon. Businesses need to recognize that Millennials are the new influencers and decision makers in the consumer space as well as the workplace.

By tailoring your marketing strategies towards them and making them your target audience, you can engage these new powerhouses and understand their thought process. Including mobile responsive websites with easily accessible virtual contact options is a start to market your products and services towards this generation.


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Written by Amy Silberman

Client Success Manager