Meet Dave

I am driven by the desire to help make a positive difference in
the world.

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How I make a difference:


I create a safe environment to share diverse ideas to solve real problems.

Crafting and executing the right solution is a team effort, so I have created an environment with people of different backgrounds, ideas and experiences. I take personal pride in sharing ideas with our clients to help them move their company forward.

I am an economist and a former Deloitte consultant with an MBA from USC, and I have spent the first 25 years of my career working for Fortune 500 companies.

I have worked in several industries, including investment banking, commercial banking, HR consulting, IT consulting and Deloitte consulting. My experience gives me a unique ability to bring the best practices and lessons learned from corporate America to our mid-sized clients.

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Consultant, Advisor and Nerd

My expertise lies in using the right combination of people, processes and technology to help our clients drive more revenue.

I personally invest in my clients’ success and make sure that my team integrates into their organization to get things done.

And yes, I am a data nerd. I don’t just advise our clients at the 50,000 foot level;  I roll up my sleeves to analyze the data and meet with our clients' sales, marketing, operations and support teams to understand their business challenges so that my team can tackle the most pressing issues first.

What I bring to the table

• System selection / integration expertise
• Data warehousing experience
• Project management
• Report building / KPI reporting
• Business process optimization
• Business strategy
• Fortune 500 corporate experience

My promise to you:

• I promise to do the right thing for you.
• I promise not to be a “yes-man.”
• My team and I will challenge your sales and marketing teams to think “outside the box” and to do things differently in the spirit of moving the ball forward.
• I ask for honest feedback and I own our screw-ups.
• I like to win, and one of the ways we keep score is by measuring your company's growth.


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Outside of family and work, my passion is Aikido. I’ve studied Aikido for over 12 years, I am a 2nd degree black belt and I am an instructor at Ikazuchi Dojo.

In addition to the physical challenges and the mental discipline required when studying a martial art, one of the biggest benefits is that I am able to incorporate the lessons I learn on the mat into my personal and professional life.

Some of the more important lessons include respect, cooperation, how to teach, how to learn, and how to adapt to rapidly changing conditions.