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Has your revenue growth stalled out?

You are exhausted with managing the activities of your marketing agency

You spent a lot of time and money redesigning your website, but don’t see results

You don’t know whether SEO is actually producing results

You don’t know which traffic channels produce the best results

You are bombarded with vanity metrics, including likes, comments and subscribers, but not the one thing you are concerned about the most: revenue

You struggle to understand why your revenue is not growing

Maybe it's time to do things differently.

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Use our Proven Process so you can manage results, not activities

  • Set and commit to an annual marketing budget
  • Create a Marketing Profit & Loss Statement and track monthly results
  • We manage the P&L activities and you manage the results.


Are you ready to do what works?

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Meet Our CEO

David Lee, CEO

Few marketing agencies are run and managed by a USC MBA and former Deloitte Consultant who brings the best practices and lessons learned from Fortune 500 companies to his e-commerce clients. David and his team will help you transform from a “business owner” who is constantly in the weeds of marketing activities into a CEO who manages marketing results. We help you make the transition of working in the business to working on your business.

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Your revenue is not keeping up with your growth, we can help.

If you have an e-commerce store that is doing at least $2M in annual revenue, the good news is that you’ve figured out the basics of running an e-commerce store. The bad news? You can’t seem to grow revenue fast enough to keep you on the growth trajectory that you need to stabilize and scale your business.

You’ve probably spent your hard-earned dollars and hired a marketing agency or two to try to generate revenue. They’ve redesigned your website, sent out emails, did SEO, ran a few PPC campaigns and posted on social media for you. Money out.

Now, you’re wondering, where’s the money in? Where is your return on investment?

The marketing agency model does not work because you are trading dollars—your dollars—for them to do activities. The contract says something like, “For $x per month, we will do these things. Pay us more and we will do more.”

There is no direct line, incentive or motivation for them to prove that those activities are producing verified results.

If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. And we can help you get those results.

In order to scale and grow your company, you need to stop acting like a business owner and start managing your company like a CEO. A successful CEO finds good people and manages the results. We help e-commerce business owners build and scale a thriving online company.

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What do I get with a consult?

1. Site Audit

1. Site Audit

Review of the three multipliers (Traffic, Conversion Rate and AOV) for your store to see where the bottleneck is.

2. Marketing Budget Recommendation

2. Marketing Budget Recommendation

Review your top level financial spends to see how your marketing spend is vs best practices.

3. Three Quick Hits

3. Three Quick Hits

Identify three things you can change right now to improve the performance of your store.

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How we can help

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e-Commerce Management

We step in as your fractional e-commerce marketing manager and build out your Digital Commerce Department


Create and Manage your P&L

We do the heavy lifting of updating P&L on a monthly basis to help you understand your return in investment for marketing activities.


Create and Execute the Plan

We don’t just create the plan, we execute the plan, manage te vendors, and track performance while you step into the CEO role and manage the results.