Integrate your Sales, Marketing, and Support teams

Because people research before they buy

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Does this sound familar?

You don’t know what your marketing efforts are doing to help your sales team generate leads and close prospects

You get pretty reports from your marketing agency, but don’t understand how it is helping sales.

Your sales and marketing teams are not working together to close business.

You don’t know if your sales team is hitting their quotas and what needs to be done to help them get there.

Forecasting sales is a long and difficult process.

Your sales team is spending too much doing administrative tasks

If this is you, it's time to do things differently.

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Our Proven Process for Manufacturing Companies


Conduct an six-week intensive Strategy Workshop Fixed bid of $10,000


  • Series of at least 3 one-hour workshops
    • Identify and document 3-4 buyer personas
    • Document company strategy, products, unique selling propositions
    • Document sales process, including entry and exit criteria for each stage
  • Sales team interview
  • Marketing team interview
  • Customer Support team interview
  • Website analysis
  • Technology stack analysis
  • Marketing strategy and results


  • Twelve-month roadmap of what needs to be done
  • Major KPIs to track and measure
  • Our proposal to execute

If we decide to move forward together, then based upon the 12 month roadmap we:


Plan and execute quarterly tactics


Plan and execute monthly activities