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How to Create Sales Enabled Content

By Amy Silberman

Creating content is one of the most important things you can do to further your business. However, not all content is created equal and spending time on the wrong kinds of content can leave you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with no results to show.

In today’s world of AI generated commodity content, sales enabled content that solves your customers’ problems is what you should be striving for.

This content can be used effectively in a variety of ways across your organization to help you and your team establish themselves as thought leaders and industry experts.

However, industry subject matter experts are not typically content marketing writers (this is ok!) and asking you or your team to set aside time to write effective sales enabled content is not ideal.

You have the expert knowledge but getting it on paper the right way is simply not in your wheelhouse or you don't have the time to dedicate to creating it the right way.

We have come across this problem many times and the best way we have found to deal with it is to pull all that expert knowledge from your Subject Matter Expert's heads through a content interview.

We then use the content marketing skills in our wheelhouse to put that knowledge into action by creating sales enabled content for your team to use.

How DWW Works with You to Develop Sales Enabled Content

Content Development Step The Do What Works Process

Content Interview with SME

Client Time Commitment: 30 - 60 minutes

  • The Do What Works team interviews your selected Subject Matter Expert
  • Interview consists of a 30 - 60 minute question and answer discussion about the selected topic
  • Interview time will vary based on the complexity of the topic and content type

Competitor and Traffic Research

Client Time Commitment: None

  • DWW will explore the selected topic using our range of keyword research and competitor and traffic analysis tools to identify the best way to present the chosen topic so it will both rank well and be able to be used as efficient sales enabled content
  • We review your previously identified competitors to see what content they have surrounding the selected topic as well as identify gaps that are missing that we can fill
  • We do a thorough analysis on traffic and content that is currently ranking for the keywords that relate to the chosen topic

Write Content

Client Time Commitment: None

  • Armed with our content interview and topic research, the Do What Works team will write content about the selected topic
  • Content is written based on the page type; this can be Storybrand focused for Customer Focused pages or written to convey information for Educational pages

Optimize Content

Client Time Commitment: None

  • After the content is finished, we use our selection of tools to analyze the content for search engine optimization
  • We compare the content to other similar posts and optimize our wording, phrasing, and copy to organically include keywords that will increase the page’s SEO
  • We combine of the science of SEO and keyword optimization with the art of writing creativity to strike a balance between organically including keywords and synonyms without overstuffing the copy to the point of it being unreadable

Content Approval and Post Content

Client Time Commitment: 30 minutes

  • The Do What Works team will work with either HubSpot or with your website management team to format the content for posting, including any necessary graphics or images
  • Once the content is written, optimized, and formatted, we send it back to the SME and Client for final review
  • After feedback is delivered, final changes are made to the content and it’s then posted and ready for use
  • Finally, we submit the newly published page to Google and request indexing so your page will be recognized by Google's algorithm and start generating SEO value


By using this proven process, we are able to get the best of both worlds - Subject Matter Expert knowledge and Content Marketing Expert copywriting. Everyone brings what they are best at to the table and it results in sales enabled content that stands out and can be used effectively with minimal Client Time Commitment.

If you are interested in learning more about our content marketing process, reach out to schedule a consultation!

Amy Silberman

Amy Silberman

Client Success Manager and Content Marketing Specialist