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08 / 3 / 2023

3 min

The Digital Commerce Department

By David Lee

We know that after e-commerce companies get past the startup stage and hit about $2M in sales, the next biggest challenge is...

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07 / 29 / 2023

7 min

Three Life Lessons I Learned From My Black Belt Test

David Lee

For this article, I wanted to share with you my personal experience of preparing for and taking my black belt for Aikido. I took my test almost three years ago and now that I’ve had some time to...

07 / 27 / 2023

1 min

The Three Multipliers for Increaseing Online Sales

David Lee

As an e-commerce business owner you are looking to increase your online sales, but don’t know where to put their hard earned dollars. Without a framework, it's easy to waste time and money chasing...

07 / 20 / 2023

4 min

In House or Outsource your e-commerce marketing manager

David Lee

Deciding whether to in-house or outsource your e-commerce marketing manager is a complex decision that can be paralyzing because there are so many factors and what-if scenarios. Although there is no...

07 / 13 / 2023

7 min

How much should you spend on marketing

David Lee

Usually set as a percentage of your revenue, to answer this question, you need to know two pieces of information: 1) What are the components of a marketing budget and 2) How much are your peers and...

07 / 6 / 2023

1 min

How to grow your e-commerce store

David Lee

Getting past the start-up stage is an impressive achievement. You have mastered the basics of running an e-commerce store. Now you find yourself looking for the next major steps to scale your...