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What to do AFTER you launch your website

By David Lee

Congratulations. After months of planning, writing content, designing and developing, your website is finally live. Now...

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The 2024 Guide to Web Design Project Management for Marketers, Designers and Developers.

David Lee

So….the time has finally come and you need to redesign that aging website. Here are the 10 battle tested steps you need to take to make your web design project a success.

4 min

How much does a manufacturing site cost?

David Lee

One of the big challenges for a manufacturing company looking to redesign their website is to figure out how much money to allocate to a web project. The cost to design and build a website with a...

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The ONLY three reasons you need a website

David Lee

The only three reasons why you need a website are: 1) We are afraid of making mistakes, so 2) we research before we buy, and 3) we research online.

Learn why having a website has very little to do...